We arrived at the airport at about 3: 45 a.m. My body is aching, I'm hungary and tired. I always remind myself why i do this. I love it. I step off the plane, and down the ramp. "Bro, wait up, you forgot your mag." I glanced back, and slung my bag behind my shoulder. Jeff always remembered everything. Even if it wasn't important. He ran up and handed it to me. He stretched and put down his bag. "Did you want to wait for Adam or should we ditch him?" His eyes were blood shot, he looked even more tired than me, not hard to believe. I thought for a second, hey he was my friend, my I'm dying over here. "Let's jet, he'll understand, I'm beat Jeff, just want to get something to eat and crash." I adjusted my bag, and felt that there was going to be a bruise there in the morning. Jeff shrugged and picked up his bag. We headed down the ramp and out into the terminal. Dead, which is a good thing, we'd have a harder time if it were any later. We spotted our bags, grabbed them and headed outside. We looked for a good five minutes until we found the car rental place. I told Jeff to watch the bags and I went in. I glanced around, not a bad looking place, if you were a car. I walked up to the help desk and rang the bell. I woman, she looked in her early twenties came out from the back room. She had the typical looking uniform, black slack, red shirt. She didn't even look at me as she went straight for the computer and started typing. Finally she looked up. "May I help..." Her jaw literally dropped. I reached in my back pocket and pulled out my wallet. "Your a wrestler aren't you?" She grinned like a mad dog. I smiled and opened up my wallet to look for my ID. "Yeah, do I get a discount?" She looked surprised and said, "They are already paid for." Her look now in concern. I placed my ID on the counter and said, "I know was a poor attempt at humor on my part." She smiled and checked my ID. "Thank You." She began typing in information, I placed my ID back in my wallet and put it back in my pocket. I leaned on the counter and glanced around at all the art they had hanging on the wall, this placed looked more like a Doctor's office. I glanced at the woman typing, sure look like they needed alot more information here. I asked, "Is there a problem?" I stood up straight and placed both hands on the counter. She looked up, " No just finished, here are your keys, thank you Mr. Hardy." She smiled and handed the keys to me, I took them and told her to have a nice night. Walked out and Jeff was sitting near the exit, spacing out. I walked over and kicked his bag." Let's go, you need some major sleep."