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Jan. 10, 1999

Year 2000. Wow, okay, for me, it's not really a shock, exciting. I've always been a hard person to surprise, or freak out. I've lived it seems sometimes almost two lifetimes. I'm only 22, but I've experienced things that would make others just want to quit. Oh I've been there, on the edge, wanting out. But that's not why I'm here, if I were meant to die, I would have gone a long time ago. Most young people today, my age, don't appreciate life, their friends, their family. They'd rather go and screw anything to get laugh, or get ahead. I just to be friends with a girl named Jamiee. For nearly nine years. Nine fucking years. She did things that a friend shouldn't have done. I gave her a chance to come clean about it. And you know what she said. "I never did that." I know for a fact, as ever present as the tattoo on me, she said things. Personal things that best friends are supposed to share between themselves. It was, not surprising to say the least. I choose my friends very carefully during my life, I was abused as a child, and found it very hard to trust. And when I'd let someone in, they'd screw me. Royally screw me. But I think I heard a very true saying somewhere, "Trust Again, But Never The Same Person." That I hold dear to my heart. Life's a bitch, is it not? I just found out somethings that make my blood boil. It concerns a fantastis website and the WWF. They are heartless bastards I swear. I dread the day I would have to defend my baby against them. I'm not scared, I'll take on anything. I know the labor of love of my projects. It's a kick in the teeth when someone tries to take that away. My advice to those out there with this problem. Karma kicks you in the ass. You'll get your due, be strong and keep a level head.

Take Care, I'll write soon.

Angel aka Odious "Fear Lies Within"

Jan. 17, 1999

Life is just full of it's trials, isn't it? People come and go. Treat others as you'd want to be treated. In so many words, it's hard to express myself at this moment. Some people, think that the whole world revolves around them, they are special, better than anyone else. That is quite sad. I want to be able to approach anyone, famous or not, and be able to feed off of positive vibes, not negative enforcement. We all got problems, everyone does. But does that excuse? No, it doesn't. I think it takes more of a person to admit they are wrong, than trying to blame everyone else for their problems. You can either bitch and moan 24 seven, or try to make the best out of what you have, things could be alot worse. There's my rant, I'll talk soon. Take care.
Be Real, Stay Real
Angel aka Odious "Fear Lies Within"

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