Hardy Art
Lady B's Experience With The Boy


My boyfriend, my sister, my niece and I arrived at Rockín Willies in Clarkstown, PA at 5:30 p.m. and the line was incredibly long. I spoke to Bill and informed him

that we had arrived, but would be going to get something to eat and be back in a while. When we got back the line was still long but we only waited about 30 minutes before we got into the store. They were pushing the line by very quickly and you could only take pictures while you were standing on line. We were whisked by so quickly that we didnít have a chance to talk to them. I went over to Bill and informed him of what had happened and he said for us to follow him, so we went with him and when the line was finished he let us go through again and we took more pictures of them and with them. The professional photographer, Blair was there again and he took several pictures of us with the Hardyís. We spoke to the Hardys for about 10 minutes and Matt informed us that the injury that he sustained during the cage match where his fingers where crushed with the chair were real, but that he would be fighting the Dudleys in the table match at Royal Rumble.

They shook hands with us and my niece handed them teddy bears that she had brought for them. Matt grabbed her hand and pulled her over to his side of the table and hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. She was so happy she was crying (this is her first time ever seeing any wrestlers up close and she likes Matt so that made her day). She came away from that encounter saying she was never washing her face or hair again because she could smell his cologne on both.

They have incredibly soft hands, are articulate and very well spoken. They are very humble and very courteous. The cologne that Matt was wearing was Grey Flannel (I could smell it as I put my face next to his for the picture). To be honest they are just too cute, especially when you meet them live.

Mucho hugs Lady B

Matt And Jeff Chillin'.
Matt And Jeff Looking Up.
Matt And Jeff Signing Stuff.
Jeff Looking Up, Matt Signing Something.
Jeff Carefully Signing Something.
Matt Has His Head Turned, Smiling.
Jeff Watching Matt Sign Something Else.
Lady B Posing With Matt.

New Pics 1-29-00

Lady B Posing With Matt Again, and Jeff Doing The People's Eyebrow.
Whole Gang Posing..
Jessie Matt and Jeff Taking A Pic.
Jessie Hugging Matt, Jeff Smiling.
Her Niece, Jenny's Story

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