Hardy Art

Lady B's Niece Experience With The Boy
The day was Saturday. Me, my mom, my aunt (Lady B) and her boyfriend went to see the Hardy Boys at the Nanuet Mall in Clarkstown, NY. My mom, my aunt and her boyfriend went to the store named Rock’n Willies. My aunt went to talk to Bill and Bill said "Oh you are here". My aunt said "Yes, I’m here". Bill said "Ok, you should be going in at around 6:00 p.m. So we told Bill we’d be right back we’re just going to get something to eat. Bill said "Ok, go ahead". So we went to go eat and we told a lot of funny jokes and when we finished eating we went back to Rock’n Willies and we stood on line for 30 minutes. This guy gave me, my mom and my aunt a picture of both of the Hardy’s so we went in the store where the Hardy Boys were at and my aunt and my mom took pictures of the Hardy Boys. When they finished we got autographs and I gave Matt and Jeff each a teddy bear. Matt pulled me toward him and gave me a kiss on the cheek and gave me a hug.

When we left the store, I smelled just like Matt. My mom said to some girls on line "If you want to smell what Matt smells like give me five dollars and you cam smell Matt on my daughter". Everyone laughed. So my aunt spoke to this man and lady for 20 minutes. When she finished she spoke to Bill and told him we never got to speak to the Hardys and my niece just came out of the hospital to come see the Hardy Boys, but she is in a lot of pain because she just had surgery. Bill said to follow me. So we went to go see the Hardy Boys for the second time. We took more pictures and we got to talk to the Hardy Boys. Matt said "You are here again". I said "Yes, I came here to just hug you and Matt said "You are so cute" We stood in the store for the second time for 10 minutes. We left the store and headed back home. My hair smells like Matt’s cologne. I told my aunt and my mom that I will never forget this day until I die. I had so much fun.

The End.

Matt Signing Something And Jeff Smiling As He Looks At His New Teddy Bear.
Jenny Sitting On Matt's Lap.
Matt Receiving A Hug From Jenny.

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