Hardy Boyz - Life On The Road Part 4

Chapter 4

10:45 a.m., The next morning.

Jeff opened his eyes, and saw the t.v. switched on to the morning news. The map near the sliding door window was on, in spite of the curtains being opened. He got up on his elbows and looked around still half sleep. He heard the shower on and knew it was Matt, he is the only one that sounds that bad singing in the shower. He blinked a few times, took on hand and tossed the covers off off himself. He was wearing a loose pair off green flannel boxer shorts. He was thinking back about the the early morning breakfast he had with Angel. He grinned widely and sprung out of bed. "Damn!" He trotted across the freezing room and turned off the cooler. He glanced over at the table in front of him and saw that Angel had in fact left her room number on a piece of napkin for him. He walked over to the large desk where the television was and grabbed a bottle of water out of the small ice chest they had. He took a long drink. He glanced over at the phone, then at the room number. Once again back at the phone, he took a few steps, picked it up and called downstairs to get the number for Angel's room.

Kitty was taking a shower Angel had just gotten up and was making coffee with those neat little coffee makers they give you in your rooms. She was sitting at the table, wearing her green flannel boxers and black ut shirt, when she starting spacing out thinking of what a great time she had last night with Jeff.

Jeff was sitting at the table next to Angel and the waitress came up and gave Matt and Jeff an odd look. The waitress was a small petite woman, dirty blonde hair put up with an pen. "I'll be right back." Jeff looked and Matt, then at Angel. They all crack up laughing.

As it so happens, as soon as the waitress came back, Jeff starting talking in a high pitched voice and waving his hand in "the way" Matt took his lead and started grunting out i ncoherant sentences. This literally freaked the waitress out. And Angel, having to get in part of the action, pulls out a dollar bill and asked the waitress to unbutton just a tad for her. Jeff couldn't stand it and broke, he knocked his drink down and scared the waitress away. Needless to say, we got a nicer server for that.

The phone rang, Angel jerked out of her thought and answered the phone in a low voice. "Speak." The voice on the other end, sounded like an annoyed male., "Speak? Who the hell is this?" Angel couldn't stand it and started laughing. "Hello Angel, it's me Jeff." Jeff took another drink of his water. "Hello Jeff, sleep well?" asked Angel. "Yeah, hope you did also. Look, I really had a blast this morning with you, I'd really like to see you again it that's possible." Jeff started pacing back and forth in front of the television. "I'd like that..." They both smiled.

After checking out of their hotel rooms, they all packed into the rental car and headed to the arena. Matt and Kitty were talking about bondage (wink). Jeff and Angel were cuddled in the back seat laughing their asses off.

Jeff adjusted himself to look at Angel, as he did a strand of his blond and red hair fell into his face, Angel instinctively reached out and pulled it back behind his ear. They found themselves gazing into each other's emerald eyes. They leaned over toward each other and leaned into each other cheek to cheek. An intimate and immediate closeness fell over them. In the same moment, they both thought (Incredible scent!)

With realization, they pulled into the parking lot arena. There were already a few fans staked out already. They all got out and Angel helped Jeff with his bags, in turn which caused Jeff to develop perma grin (kind of like the smile to have after sex, that's perma grin). Matt and Kitty had already walked over to the back doors, Jim (Dotson) opened the door for them. Edge was just walking in holding the hand of Betty, Kitty spotted and hugged her and they chatted as they walked inside the doors. A few second later Middi came out with a cup off coffee and handed it to Jim. He smiled, she kissed him on the cheek and headed back inside.

Jeff was wearing black jeans and a white 'tattoo' stretch tee. Angel wore black jeans, and a grey tank body suit. They walked across the parking lot and got some cheers and "I love you's!!" Which made Jeff laugh. He grabbed Angel's hand, smiled and waved up at the crowd. "Hey Jim." He said as he passed Dotson and headed inside the doors with Angel.

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