Hardy Boyz - Life On The Road Part 8

The Last Chapter

Chapter 8

Matt and I stood in the locker room, packing our luggage. Actually Matt was finished, I packed rather slowly, I just didn't want our stay here to end. I knew, once we were done, we would head to the airport, and find ourselves in another state, another city. I caught myself in wandering thought. (Hey, ) I thought to myself, (If it were meant to be, it'll work). I have spoken to Mick on many occasions about how he does it with Marla. He has a wonderful relationship, one that I wish I could have with a women, in time. Matt and Kitty were talking in the doorway Chawn , Road Dogg X-Pac and Laura passed by and told us the match was killer. I finished packing, zipped up my bag, stood up and placed my base-ball cap on. I sighed, yeah I sighed. Angel walked up, I lowered my eyes for a second. I swear she could read me all over. I glanced up and stared into her emeralds.

"Well hun, I guess this is it." She was on the verge of tears. God she was strong. I was fighting hard enough not to let me eyes show the extreme pain my heart was in. I shook my head, extended me arms and embraced her. She wrapped her arms around me and we held each other for long time. It was time to go.

"I never want to let this go, We are going to stay in touch." I told her sweetly.

I lifted her head, and wiped the single tear that streamed down her face. We kissed, it was the most innocent, warmest kiss that I had ever received.

In the following months we had seen each other three times. It was a wreck trying to get to one another, the long flights, the two day vacations for me. In that time, we experienced each other in the purest way. Not a fling, it was pure, almost a religious experience. I'm sure we made each other feel, like no one else could make us feel.

The week after I last left her, I missed her already. That night, I received a phone call. It was Kitty. In a straight forward way, she ripped out my heart. It wasn't her fault. She said, crying,

"Angel's dead."

I couldn't breathe. "Wha..what?"

She told me Angel went out that day to pick up some art supplies for a painting she was working very hard on for me, it was supposed to be a surprise. There was an accident three vehicles in front of her. One fo the occupant was an infant. Angel hadn't hesitated to run from her car and help the mother and baby. In the second Angel had handed the baby, to her mother, a half asleep semi truck driver rammed through the wreckage, and hit her. She died instantly.

I hung up the phone.

"Oh God..no..no" I grabbed my hair and started rocking back and forth. I shook my head, I slumped into the wall and slide down it in shock.

"No, it can't be true, no way." I shook my head more violently, I stood up and proceeded to fly into a blind rage. I completely trashed the room. During all the chaos, Matt ran in screaming, the look of great concern on his face, "Jeff, bro! What the hell is the matter??" I grabbed the phone and through it in his direction. The rage continued for another full ten minutes. I lay there in the middle of the room, I envisioned her face, smiling at me. I could almost hear her say, "We'll be together again soon."

On week later, I was in Chicago in a tag -team match with the Dudley's. I was about to perform my finisher, the Senton Bomb, I stood there on the turnbuckle, something felt amiss. I executed the move, in a second, I heard a crack, I blacked out for a few second, when I came to, I couldn't move, I had a hard time breathing. I started to panic.

(Jeff always loved this move, mom hated it though) I thought to myself. As I watched him flip from the top turnbuckle , everything drew into slow motion. Jeff landed extremely wrong on his neck, he went limp instantly. I knew something was wrong, I ran into the ring, I kneeled next to him and started to yell and he opened his eyes. He was in trouble.

"Oh God, someone get a paramedic, now!! Jeff hey bro, I love you, it'll be alright, hang in there." I placed my hand on his chest.

As I lay there, in no pain, I was dying. I blinked and moved my eyes to my right, I could see Matt he was screaming at someone, he was talking to me, but I couldn't hear the words. My heart ached. People surrounded me. Terri was crying. There was now a buzzing noise in my head...then like a classic peace of Mozart, the most beautiful, calming music rang. I saw the light. Her face smiled at me, the way she only could smile. "Jeffrey, it is time for us to be together again, let's go home."

I was lifted, in a split second, I stood next to her, I glanced down and saw my body, saw the people, my brother. I looked at her again. My Angel was bringing my to my paradise.


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