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"Tribute to the ' Hart '" Poem By Jodie

In life you see the best things,
and sure you see the worst,
You almost question everything you know,
Search your heart and wonder.....
* Why God pains you sometimes *
The time when Owen left was one of those times,
You search everywhere for an answer,
Yet, you find nothing,
Oh, why was a good man taken away?
Why couldn't the " Blue Blazer " stay?
I wish that I could have known you Owen,
As a friend,
I wish that I could have heard your jokes,
Your stories,
Spoken to you before the end.
Words could never express how I feel right now,
You were like family to me,
To all of us.
I'll miss you forever,
And forever endeavour.
I've learnt a lot about life over the past weekend,
As I sat in shock,
Couldn't sleep or eat,
I learned that good people don't always " Win ",
And that God doesn't only punish those who sin......
Owen Hart, Thanks for the memories,
I'll never forget you...............

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