Interview With Webmistress Katya By Angel (aka Odious) - July, 18 2000

(The following interview was NOT scripted it was a casual conversation that turned into an interview just like all interviews, crack ups were taken out.Remember Truth Hurts.)

Interview Responses 2000

Odious: Here is a candid interview we are doing about the Offical Hardy Boyz & Lita website, out guest is non other than the former Webmistess Katya. This is her side uncut and unedited...

Odious: Let's Begin..Welcome Katya, how are you feeling?

Katya: Extremely well, all things considered. I actually feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off of me.

Odious: I can imagine, with two major WWF sites and other professional wrestling ones, it can bare down on a person.

Katya: Yeah, can I thank the person who hacked everything? *lol*

Odious: Or Stone how many sites were you handling during the Hardy Boyz era?

Katya: 4 for wrestlers and a personal site, so 5

Odious: And with all that work, do you feel somewhat unappreciated by the very fans you did the sites for?

Katya: Absolutely.

Odious: Give us an example of a typical day of say, e-mails or messages left by fans, was the majority good or bad?

Katya: It was split actually, between the people who absolutely hated me and loved the boyz, and the ones who appreciated the site and what I was able to do with it and the time and work that was put into it. Most of the negative emails were laced with extremely bad profanity and were direct cuts on me. Some of them were amusing though.

Odious: Oh let us count the ways, lol.

Katya: Unfortunately, the detractors far outweighed the supporters I had in their vocalizations of their feelings.

Odious: Can you give us the absolute low down on what happened with the sites? Many rumors are flying about what happened, from you being fired, to the sites being hacked?

Katya: Sure.

Odious: First off, the Offical Lita site..

Katya: Let's start back in February with Shannon Moore's site actually.

Odious: Okay Shannon Moore

Katya: I've heard recently that he said on Dave Meltzer's radio show that I was crazy and he stopped participating. Actually we had a conversation in February where it was basically said with the 3Count gimmick just taking off and them doing the Spring Breakout thing he didn't have time to do it right then. He didnt' have a laptop and when he was home he didn't really want to be online. So that was that. If he has a problem with me he should be mature enough to come to me and tell me rather than run his mouth on a radio show.

Odious: So basically he got lazy and made you the scapegoat for the wolves?

Katya: Pretty much. It's hard to run a site when there is no participation. I pretty much laid it out to him, either you need to participate or we need to rethink this. That was the response I got. I was tired of answering emails and people bitching about lack of updates when there was nothing to update with.

Odious: How mature, and this is just one site...kind of makes you re-think things?

Odious: What happened next in the line of events

Katya: Well I obviously didn't learn my lesson.

Katya: Next up was Amy Dumas' site.

Katya: I was in the process of redesigning it. I had actually talked to you about doing the graphics for it. Sometime in mid-May she got online about 4am one night while I was actually sitting there busting my ass on the coding, and flipped out on me. She accused me of being in love with Matt, of caring about the boyz and their site more than her, of not caring about her career, etc. I did my best to reassure her of things, but inside I was like, I don't have to take this. I phoned her the next day and told her I didn't know what had happened the night before but I'd like to talk about it with her. I left it up to her to contact me. She never did. I said to hell with the site and took it down and washed my hands of it. I wasn't going to do something for someone and it not be appreciated and me be made to feel like shit for their insecurities.

Odious: So your saying Amy was overprotective because of maybe having feelings for Matt, This is an free range question.

Katya: I think it was more the case of her feeling like I put them first. Which I did. Their site had more traffic, and was more of a responsibility. She stated to me on several occasions that she understood that their site came first and always would. But that particular night it was different.

Odious: It wasn't just about the sites anymore?

Katya: What do you mean?

Odious: In other words, was she different in her tone about her accusing you or something else was different?

Katya: I've said what I needed to say on this. Just that night things were different.

Odious: Okay fair, and after that night, did things change with the boyz fairly soon, or was it over a course of time? How did you feel about how Amy spoke to you?

Katya: No, things didn't change with the boyz. Matt and I continued as we always had. I obviously wasn't please with the way things turned out with Amy. I did consider her a friend away from all of this stuff and we confided in each other about a lot of things.

Odious: Are you working on any other sites at the moment?

Katya: Yes, my site.

Odious: And where can we find it? I'm sure there are a few Katya fans out there.

Katya: I'd rather not give out the link. It's already been hacked once.

Odious: Shrews work fast, well I'd like it off the records after the interview if you wouldn't mind?

Katya: Maybe.

Odious: Hard one :)

Odious: Well, do you think this will situtation will have any effect of you in furture jobs?

Katya: You mean with websites?

Odious: Yes

Odious: Or has this been the ultimate lesson?

Katya: I don't really care to be honest. I wouldn't take anymore on after this.

Odious: Can undestand that.

Odious: Now the next story in line..the most obviously absent site on the net...The Offical Hardy Boyz site, shall we start from the beginning?

Katya: What do you want to know?

Odious: Well, the truth, no rumors on why the site has vanished into thin air?

Katya: The site was hacked on Tuesday, June 20th. Or at least that's when I was alerted that something was wrong. My personal site, the adcast banner, and several email accounts all went down on that day as well.

Odious: And was there an immediate panic?

Katya: Of course, I called Cyn first, then Matt.

Odious: Then what?

Katya: I called smarthosting and they told me they didn't think the site had been hacked because all the IP accesses were coming from the same number. I called my ISP and they told me if I thougth anything had been hacked I needed to give them proof via IP numbers. I said how am I supposed to do that when they are saying it's all coming from my IP? They told me they understood my situation but didn't know what to tell me.

Odious: So in other words they were telling you, you hacked into your own site?

Odious: Or just one day it just all "poof" disappeared?

Katya: No, they told me it had never been hacked. They told me dates of accesses, the last time *I* accessed it was the last time it was updated which was June 15th. I kept telling them that and they said they had a guide access on such and such day, and I told them I hadn't been in the guide for over a month. That's when they told me to call my ISP.

Odious: And what did Matt or Jeff have to say about it? Are we going to see a new Hardy Boyz site by yourself or have you washed your hands of that also?

Katya: Matt told me to find out what I could and get back to him. Over the next few days I started peicing together some information. I called adcast and spoke with them at length about what happened. The person who did this changed all of the information to Matt's name and PO Box, obviously not understanding WHY the banner was on the site and wanting Matt to receive the money. the place of my contact phone number, they put another number. It was tracked down and I got the person's name and address and an alternate number.

Odious: So they caught the person who did this, will anyone be pressing charges?

Katya: No, it continues.

Odious: Go on?

Katya: I called Matt and gave him the info I obtained from the adcast people. He basically told me to just keep digging to see what I could come up with.

Katya: In the meantime.....

Odious: In limbo...

Katya: we are now up to 4th of July weekend. I had company all weekend long and was not online and not aware at all of what was happening. On Tuesday, July 4th, I received an email from a concerned fan directing me to my hacked personal site. Displayed on the site was my full real name, date of birth, home address, cell phone number, place of employment with phone number, and social security number. They also posted the access information to the boyz site as well as my hacked email accounts.

Odious: That is going overboard.

Katya: I contacted redrival about shutting the site down immediately and went to the mall with my boyfriend who was trying his damnedest to get my mind off of things. We had just arrived at the mall and I got in my purse to get something and noticed my cell phone had a voicemail on it. It had been getting weird calls all weekend and I finally understood why. I dialed in and heard, " fucking whore........ you're gonna die."

Odious: So bascially "they" are trying to ruin your life, whoever this is, should be stoned, give me the good old days.

Odious: If this person is reading this now, what do you want so say to them?

Katya: I did a call back and got the number it came from. I called the operator and told her what happened. She gave the person the number was listed to and their address and advised me to call the police immediately. I'm not done, hun. It gets better.

Katya: My boyfriend brought me home and we called the police. An officer was sent to my home and I filed out a report. When I showed him the stuff about me on the internet he advised me to contact the FBI immediately. People forget that there are some out there who do like me and keep me abreast of things. After hearing of the death threat, someone alerted me to a girl posting on a Katya haters egroup claiming she got a call from me. She mentioned where she was from and it was the same town the address the operator gave me. I let it be known that I knew who she was and the police had been contacted. She emailed me and contacted me on aim trying to apologize.

Katya: After that quite a few of those websites and egroups dissappeared and people started saying this had went too far.

Katya: But.........

Katya: it continued. On Wednesday the 5th I took a day off of work and went down to the FBI office and filled out a report. I gave the Investigative Assistant numerous emails from the person responsible for this, as well as print outs from people's sites to show the info was out there. They are also cross referencing reports with the local police and are supenoaing Sprint PCS for the records for the death threat.

Odious: But there is more?

Katya: On Friday the 7th I got a letter in the mail from the girl who left the threat. Didn't say much really, just apologizing. I thought this was finally dying down until last Thursday.

Odious: What happened?

Katya: Another person sent me an email that this same person sent out to another egroup containing even more personal information on me. A partial work history, past home telephone number, past college number, my grandmother's phone number (which she has also been receiving calls at), as well as my friend Cyn's address and phone number were sent out.

Odious: And has anyone talked to this person giving out the information, and e-mail?

Katya: Just yesterday, Monday the 17th, I went back to the FBI and gave them all this new info and the letter. The person is really making this easy for them. They obviously dont' understand that the more they do, the easier everyone's job is. And I am not trying to scare anyone when I say this, but someone is looking at jail time. These are all felony offenses.

Odious: Ain't funny no more, if your reading this, your in deep dog shit.

Odious: And now how do you feel about the internet?

Katya: Yeah, really deep. It's just a matter of time. And an FYI.......this is legit. The case is being processed right now. I don't take being messed with like this.

Katya: The truth?

Odious: This is why we're doing this.

Katya: I hate it.

Odious: And is that why you've been "hiding out" as some people claim?

Katya: And anyone who would like to contact me should think twice about that now.

Odious: Exactly.

Katya: If I'm hiding why is my aim off of block for the first time in 6 months?

Odious: There we go.

Katya: Otherwise you wouldn't have been able to contact me.

Odious: Thanks Gods for small favors.

Katya: "I was not fired."

Katya: "I never impersonated anyone online."

Katya: The Adcast banner was put on the site after Matt told me to put it up on May 14th in Cleveland, OH. Jeff, Amy, and Trinity were there as witness. The site bill is in excess of $1,300 and is on my friend Cyn's card. Matt told me in June of last year he would pay for the domain and the space, but for me to go ahead and set it up. So I did. When the bill got to be outrageous, he didnt' want to pay for it out of pocket. So he told me to put the banner up to generate revenue from the hits to cover the cost of the running the site. Any extra was being discussed as being donated to a charity of the boyz choice.

Katya: As far as there being a new site put up.......I know nothing about it.

Odious: Fair enough.

Katya: AT this point, that is between her and Matt.

Odious: Any advice for the new Webmistress?

Katya: Yeah, don't do it.

Odious: Lol, well there you have it, technology love it or kill it.

Katya: All I know is I was left hanging out to dry by Matt and Jeff with all the fans.

Katya: I took the abuse and was told to not let it affect me. I told them for months how bad it was getting but no one really seemed to listen to me until this happened.

Odious: I had no idea for the record.

Katya: As far as people's claims of me doing this online.......

Katya: I posted on the boyz site in the spring sometime that there was someone impersonating me. I was accused of posting on people's message boards, which I never did. I put my aim on block, had a select few people I would talk to, did not answer emails, rarely posted on the board. AT this point I've washed my hands of it and dont' care. I dont' want to be bothered anymore.

Odious: That is a fair request, let's move on with our lives.

Katya: As I told Matt last week I know what I have and have not done in this entire situation and have a totally clear conscious on it. I am tired of trying to justify everything I have done with this site. Thank you for giving me a chance to tell what's really happened. I appreciate it. You know where to find me. I guess so does everyone else now. *lol*

Odious: I wish you the best personally Katya and hope you stay in touch with us few select.

Odious: Not shabby, thanks again and thank you all for reading.

Odious: Carpe Diem


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