Lord Of Darkness UnBound

The Master

"You looked into the eyes of the dragon and you got burned."

"I dropped you on your head once, I'll be glad to do it again tonight!"
"Give your soul to the lord, because at Wrestlemania, your belt and your body are mine!"
"The spirit of the Undertaker, lives within the soul of all Mankind. The eternal flame of light, that cannot be extinquished. The origin, of which cannot be explained, the answer lies in the everlasting spirit."
"It is time for the reaper to enter the serpent's lair."
"So let freedom ring, and let the Foreign Fanatics, rest in peace."
"I don`t make mistakes. I bury them."
"It's time to meet your maker."
"My future is the future."
"Hulkamania is dead, it is dead, long live the Undertaker!"
"The Spirit of The Undertaker, lives within the soul of all mankind. The eternal flame of life, that cannot be extinguished. The origin, of which cannot be explained. The answer lies in the everlasting spirit. Soon all mankind will witness the Rebirth of The Undertaker. I will not Rest... In... Peace."
Tobit 13:02 "By the terms he punishes and pardons, he sends men down to the depths of the under worldand draws them up from supreme destruction... No one can escape his hand. There will be no mercies, only slain bodies and taken souls."
"Mankind! It`s time the Reaper enters the serpents lair. At Summer Slam, the Boiler... Room... Brawl...You will finally Rest...In...Peace."
"Creatures of the night, it is the dawning of a new day. Tonight be witness to the rebirth of The Undertaker. The demon of darkness has seen to my resurrection, as the darkness is my light, I am once again alive. Mankind, once you had the chance to rest in peace, now you must burn in hell."
"Creatures, welcome, to the dark days of the World Wrestling Federation. This title, the most prestigious in all of sports, is yours and I, am your night, that will fight, anyone, who tries to oppose us."
"You looked into the eyes of the dragon and you got burned."
"You will understand why I am The Lord of Darkness."
"I am The Reaper of Wayward Souls."
"I am Going to Bury You Alive."
"I Will Not Rest In Peace."
"The Creatures of the Night request your demise."
"Look in to the eyes of the Reaper."
"If you cross us one more time, you'll be the one who's handicapped."

(Credit To Rosey Of Darkness For Quotes)

When a soul escapes the darkness and denies the purity of evil, I tend to take things personally. That's when the time for words ends and time for action begins. I'll be your escort on the one-way trip to hell.
You want to know what hell is like? Hell is watching helplessly as your soul is stripped away from you. You are raw from the pain and powerless to stop it.
The difference between light and darkness, for light to win it requires the tireless effort of every good man. For darkness to triumph, all that is required is for good men to do nothing.
For some people, hell is not a place for sinners to burn after death, for them,hell is each other.
When there is no more room in the depths of hell, the dead will walk the earth. During this invasion, the gates of mankind will be stormed by the agents of darkness. It is at this point when certain men will take on an impossible task, to stop the insurrection from beyond the grave. That is when the judgement will be passed down. SO DECLARE OR BE DECLARED.
Within every man is an evil he would like to deny. Everything man has wanted yet lives within his own heart. The most unspeakable horrors lay waiting in every man's soul.
The idea that light will somehow always win over darkness is nothing but a rumor. A rumor created by agents of darkness. If a man believed that evil would defeat good, how many men would continue to fight the good fight? Without incentive, there's no passion, no hope. But with that rumored hope, destiny is only delayed. WE'RE JUST KEEPING THE GAME INTERESTING.
There is a blackness charred unto our souls. We could choose to spend our lives scrubbing at it, hoping to get rid of the stain of evil or we could accept it for the beautiful natural bark that it is. Which is worse, denying our nature or embracing the darkness we are born with. REMEMBER THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS IS STILL EVIL.
You can't escape. One way or another my darkness owns you. Don't even try to resist. When one of my emmissaries stands up behind you and taps you on the shoulder, you can rest assured that his other hand is already tightly gripping your soul.
Daybreak. The rising sun brings mercy to those who fear the night, but time is the greatest inovator. For there always is a new evil just as surely as the day will succumb to the night.
The sanctity of life. You hear it drama-ed out by the self righteous in hushed reverent tones. It is the most self-destructive lie mankind has ever told itself. If life is so sacred, we should respect it and not take it lightly. So what about my agents of darkness, who could give less a damn for the sanctity of a man's life? IT'S NOTHING MORE THAN A HANDICAP IN OUR FAVOR.
The plague of darkness is coming and all encompassing evil from which there is no escape. No mercy. No hope. IT IS CALLED THE FUTURE.
The greatest corruption we face in the present is often a percieved savior of the past. The only certainty about the future is that ONE DAY IT COME TO AN END.
The reckoning is almost upon us and on that day darkness will sweep over the land, destroying everything. That's when the lord of darkness will look down upon you and and decide. Are you his agent or merely kindling for his fire? Think about your fate. THE CHOICE IS YOURS.
Offer your sacrafices to me and I will judge them, but remember any sacrfice offered by the pure agent of darkness is welcomed but unnessasary. A sacrfice offered by the weak and cowardly reeks with the fowl stench of their own profanity. NO LORD WILL ACCEPT AN OFFERING BURNT WITH AN IMPURE FLAME.

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