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The Lord

"You will understand why I am The Lord of Darkness."

Important Moments In Lord Mark's Career As The Undertaker

short language explanation: face: the good guy (also: babyface) heel: the bad guy turn: from heel to face or opposite gimmick: the wrestling persona

Heel years - Face years: the early days: 1989 - early 1992 / Heel the past 7 years: 1992 -late 1998 / Face the presence: late 1998 until (August 1999) / Heel

Lord Mark's publicity has always been huge but no other wrestler changed his image from the most hated man in the ring (1991, when he locked the 'Ultimate Warrior' at the 'Funeral Parlor Show' in a skintight coffin) to one of the most loved (the last seven years) back to one of the most 'hated' (as he's nowadays) almost overnight,exept perhaps Hulk Hogan when he turned to join the NWO. Sir Mark handles the people like 'puppets on a string'.

The dark force is the reaper of man, the chaser of souls, the weaver of nightmares, the heart of darkness and the purity of evil. Yes, he is a druid who was stepping out of the heart of darkness to capture the soul of all mankind. (My own darksouled self was captured by his mystical aura within a 'nanosecond')

Ring Debut In March 1989 at the age of 27 he seriously started his carriere as a pro wrestler in Memphis, TN, although he stepped in the ring once in 1988 as 'Red River' in the WCCW. (World Class Championship Wrestling Promotion) in Dallas, Texas.

Aliases: Master of Pain (USWA, Memphis, TN), the Punisher (WCCW, masked and USWA), Texas Red (USWA), 'Mean' Mark Callous, Master of Heart Punch (NWA/WCW), Tag Team the 'Skyscrapers' (NWA/WCW, tag team partner Dan Spivey), 'Punisher' (Japan), Kane the Undertaker (WWF with Brother Love),

Titles held: USWA Unified World Heavyweight Champion (against Jerry Lawler, 04.01..89 - 04.25.89)

As the Master of Pain he established himself and defeated Jerry Lawler for the USWA Unified World Title, but he wasn't able to hold on to it for long. Click Here To See Pics Of Sir Mark As "Master Of Pain", In The USWA (June 1989)
(Credit To Rosey Of Darkness)

USWA Texas Heavyweight Champion (10.05.89 - 10.25.89) Click Here To See Pics Of Sir Mark As "The Punisher", In The USWA
(Credit To Rosey Of Darkness)

When Jerry Lawler regained the title, Mark moved on to the Dallas fraction of USWA, where he first was known as Texas Red, but that gimmick was soon dropped to be replaced by the masked Punisher. As the Punisher, Mark was able to win the USWA Texas Title, but that regain was soon ended by Kerry von Erich. Mark then left for potential stardom in WCW. In late 1989 Mark made his debut in the NWA/WCW, now under the guise of "Mean" Mark Callous. Soon after his debut he was teamed with Dan Spivey as the Skyscrapers because the origional partner Sid Vicious was injured.many called the Skyscrapers the Road Warriors of the 90's. Before Mark joined the Skyscrapers, they were involved in a brutal feud with the Road Warriors, and of course the matter had to be settled, but the Skyscrapers didn't have much success against the established tag teams like the Steiner Brothers and the Road Warriors, so that was it for that comparison. Mark was then put back into singles competition, where he fared much better defeating the likes of Johnny Ace and Brian Pillman. Mark also got a shot at the NWA US Title, which was held by Lex Luger, but Mark was not able to defeat the Total Package, luckily for Mark his contract ran out and he joined the WWF.

WWF Tag Team Champion (with Stone Cold Steve Austin, 07.26.98 - 08.10.98) WWF World Heavyweight Champion twice (vs Hulk Hogan, 11.27.91 - 12.03.91) and at Wrestlemania XIII (vs Psycho Sid, 03.23.97 - 08.03.97)

WWF debut: At Survivor Series 1990 (manager: Brother Love, character: 'monster' heel, rulebraker) The Undertaker quickly reached number one as the most hated wrestler in the whole wrestling world. The big turn from the 'superheel' to a 'babyface' took place in early 1992 when he saved Miss Elizabeth (ex-wife of Randy 'Macho Man' Savage) from his partner, Jake 'the Snake' Roberts. Lord Mark's basic character as a 'face' and a fan-favourite remained unchanged for almost 6 1/2 years until he formed the Ministry Of Darkness in late 1998. Right now, November 1999, he is off work for some time to heal from injuries, but he left the ring still being the bad guy, a 'heel'.

................to be continued

Lordess ^Angel^

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