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Long Lost Love - Part 1 By Lady B (One I Consider A Very Good Friend)

Lost Love

It was raining outside as Betty tried to juggle the umbrella, a bag of groceries she had purchased on her way home from work, her briefcase and handbag, as she exited her car. She knew that she was going to get soaked before she would be able to make it home but she did not want to be caught in the torrential rains that were being predicted for later on in the evening. She was juggling everything as she tried to insert the key into the front door of her building. "Can I give you a hand?" She heard a male voice say right behind her. She turned when she heard the voice and was greeted by a man dressed all in black, who was smiling and had sparkling green eyes. "I would appreciate that" she said as he grabbed the bag of groceries and her briefcase. She opened the front door and held it open for him. She kept on thinking that she knew him from somewhere. She kind of recognized him, especially his radiant green eyes. When he entered she noticed that he towered over her. She was wondering to herself what she should do now. "Which one is it? he asked indicating with a nod the doors lining the hallway. "The last one on the right" she said as she started walking towards it. He followed and she could feel his eyes boring into her back. They reached the door to her apartment and she opened it and entered. He stood outside in the hall while she turned on the light to the foyer. "Where are my manners" Betty said as she came back to the doorway. "Please come in" she said holding the door open for him.

He entered and Betty took her belongings from his hands. She placed them in the kitchen as she removed her trench coat and came back to find him still standing in the foyer. "You are soaked" she said to him. "Let me get your coat." He took off his black trench coat and handed it to her. She hung it up to dry and went into the bathroom. She came back carrying a towel. She handed it to him so that he could dry his hair, which reached halfway down his back. She noticed that he was wearing a long sleeved black sweatshirt, black jeans and boots. She was trying to figure out where she knew him from. "Okay, I give up. Where have I seen you before" she said as she led him into the living room, turning on a soft light as they entered.. "Well, you may have seen me on t.v." he replied as he toweled his hair dry. "Don't tell me you are a killer who prays on single women, because if that is the case I have to warn you that I can take care of myself" Betty said. "No, I am not a killer, rapist or anything of that kind" he answered with a smile on his face. "I live in the area and I have seen you several times on your way home from work. We went to the same high school, but I was 2 grades ahead of you. I have wanted to speak to you before this, but this was the first opportunity that I had to actually approach you" he said. "Mind if I sit down" he asked. "There go my manners again" she replied. "Would you like something to drink?" she asked. "A beer if you have it" he said.

She walked into the kitchen and came back carrying a beer. "Thank's for your help" she said as she removed her heels. "Please excuse me for a minute while I get out of these wet clothes she said turning away to enter her bedroom. As she walked away she was removing her jacket and he noticed that she had a gun in a shoulder holster. Her skirt was wet and he liked the way that it clung to her hips and butt. Betty went into her bedroom and stripped the wet clothes off of her body. She put on a pair of jogging pants and a t-shirt. She placed her gun on the mirrored dresser by her bedroom door. She padded back into the living room bare footed. He was sitting on the sofa with an empty beer bottle in his hands. She went up to him and asked "Would you like another?" as she took the empty bottle from his hands and walked into the kitchen. "That would be great" he said. "So tell me, where on t.v. is it that I might have seen you?" she asked as she got the beer from the refrigerator. When she turned around he was leaning against the frame leading to the kitchen with his arms crossed over his enormous chest. "It's possible that you might have seen me on a wrestling show which is televised here" he said still being very mysterious. She handed him the beer and said "Thanks for helping me in my time of need. Are you hungry? I was going to make some pasta and I always make more than I can eat." "Sounds good to me. I haven't had a home cooked meal in a very long time" he said as he reached for the beer. His fingers brushed hers as he grabbed it and it felt as if a jolt of electricity had coursed through both of them. They stood there looking at each other, both holding the bottle, until Betty released it and finally turned away. ˇStop this' she thought to herself. ˇYou don't even know or remember who he is.'

He entered the kitchen and sat on one of the stools next to the counter as Betty put the water for the pasta to boil and started to make the sauce from scratch. As she worked in the kitchen she could feel his eyes on her. "You said you have seen me before. How come I have never seen you around here before?" she asked as she cut the ingredients for the tossed salad. "Well, I'm on the road a lot with my job, but the times that I have been in town, I have seen you." he replied. He was becoming more and more mysterious to her and her instincts and curiosity were being peaked. "Okay, can you at least tell me what your name is?" "My friends call me Taker" he said as he took a swig of beer. She was cutting the bread to add garlic to it when she heard him say his name. She looked at him suddenly, as it dawned on her. "You've got to be kidding?" she said. "You're trying to tell me that you are the wrestler with all the tattoos on his arms who goes around sacrificing people?" "One and the same" he said with a smile on his lips. "I have seen you on television on several occasions, but with my hectic work schedule, I have not really had a chance to follow up on my favorite sport or go to see a live performance in a long time" she said after she had placed the candles in the brass holders on the table and lit them. By this time the food was ready and she started setting the table. She pulled out a bottle of red wine and was fighting to get it opened. "Here, let me help" he said "It's the least I can do" he stated with a smile as he grabbed the corkscrew and wine bottle from her hands and proceeded to open the bottle of wine easily. As his fingers brushed up against her hands again, that jolt of electricity ran up her arm once more and she could tell that he felt it too, because he looked at her intently.

"You said we went to high school together but I don't seem to remember you" Betty said with a pensive expression on her face. "That's because I weighed much less than I do now, I had short hair and stayed to myself a lot" he replied. "I remember when you were on the gymnastics team and you won the gold medal for your floor exercises" he added. "I was there to cheer you on, even though we had never spoken." "That was a long time ago" she said with a smile as she remembered what it was like 15 years ago. "Well you still haven't lost your athletic figure" he said to her, looking her up and down. Betty felt the blush creeping into her face at his words. It takes a lot of nights working out in the gym to keep it" she said laughing. She served their food and they sat down to eat.

"So how do you like the traveling" Betty asked. "It's fun to meet all the people and get to perform for them, but after a while it can get to be very lonely" he said as he looked up at her. "How about you. What do you do for a living?' he asked remembering the gun she carried. "I'm a homicide detective" she replied. "That explains it then" he said. "Explains what?" she asked. "Your carrying a gun and coming home at all hours of the day or night" he said. "Oh, that. Well, the gun and hours are part of the job" she said. "It also keeps the creeps away" she added with a smile.

"What made you become a wrestler?" she asked. "Well after college I wasn't sure of what I wanted to do, so when the opportunity to wrestle came up, I took it. I have been doing this for over 10 years and I would not change any of it" he said.

He ate heartedly, having two helping of pasta as they spoke. "Would you like some more wine?" she asked as she drained her glass. "Let me" he said as they both reached for the bottle. Once again the electricity was there. Betty could swear that she actually saw the sparks fly between them. She pulled her hand back as he smiled at her and served them both more wine.

They talked for a while over their second glass of wine. When Betty got up to clear the dishes, he also got up. "Let me help" he said as they bought the dishes to the kitchen. Betty was placing them in the dishwasher when he walked in with the salad bowl. "Nice view" he said as she bent down to place some plates on the bottom rack. She looked at him over her shoulder and said "Don't get any ideas" with the meanest expression she could come up with. They both laughed.

After the dishwasher was going they went into the living room and sat on the sofa. They were both working on their third glass of wine. Betty sat with her legs curled under her, while he stretched his legs out reaching all the way to her coffee table. They were talking with the t.v. on when WWF's Monday Night Raw came on. They were watching it when all of a sudden Taker started walking out to the ring. "Hey, I thought you said that you were him" Betty said jokingly. "It does look like you" she said bending her head to look at him, "But how can you be in two places at one time?" she asked. "This is a taped show" he said. "Being in two places at once is something I have not mastered yet" he added in his best Phenom voice, laughing. "Those sacrifices that you do on t.v. are just staged, aren't they" Betty asked. "Sometimes they are and sometimes they aren't" he said going into character. "Sometimes all I want to sacrifice is female virgins" he said still in character. "Oh, I'm so scared" Betty said with mock freight as she shook her hands. He laughed along with her. She could not remember the last time she felt so comfortable with a man.

Taker stopped talking. Betty looked at him and she could tell that he had something on his mind. "What's wrong" she asked. "There's something that I have wanted to do since I saw you again about a year ago. Something I have wanted to do since high school, but never dared" he said. "What is it" Betty asked inquisitively. "This" he said as he came close to her and pressed his lips against hers. Instantly, Betty realized who he was and did not want to let him go again. She melted into his massive chest as he explored her mouth with his tongue. He pulled her up onto his lap and cradled her with his left arm as he ran his right hand over her thigh, stopping at her hip. She did not want the kiss to end, so she kissed him back as she wrapped her fingers in his hair. She could feel the intense electricity coursing through her veins as they kissed. His hand moved under her t-shirt sending fire through her veins, and she could feel the warmth of his hand against her back as he softly caressed her, all the while kissing her. "Am I to be your sacrifice tonight" she whispered. "Yes" he added in a very low voice.

At that precise moment there was a flash of lightening and a clap of thunder that sounded like a freight train. Betty jumped slightly in his arms and he held her to him. "I better leave" he said, not wanting to let her go. Betty held on to him and said softly into his neck "I don't want you to go. I want you to stay here tonight." He put his fingers under her chin and pulled her face up until he was looking into her eyes. "Are you sure this is what you want?" he said still in character but in a very low sexy voice. Betty looked into his eyes and knew that if she let him go, she might never see him again, especially after the way he had just kissed her. "Yes" she said as she kissed him softly. Next thing she knew he was standing with her in his arms. He was still kissing her as he strode into her bedroom.

He placed her on the bed as he removed his boots and socks. "Now the sacrifice begins" he said softly as he kissed her again. Betty reached over and lifted his sweatshirt as he raised his arms. She was amazed at all the Tattoos on his arms and especially the ones on his stomach. She ran her fingers over them feeling the electricity jump from her fingers to his flesh, and getting more excited at the feel of his muscles under the tattoos. He returned the favor by hooking his fingers on the bottom of her t-shirt and pulling it up over her head. He reached behind her and unhooked her bra, removing the straps from her shoulders and letting it fall. He reached into her hair and removed the big pin that she had holding her hair up causing her waist length hair to cascade down her back and over her shoulders until it hid her breasts. He ran his fingers through her hair and brought it to his face. He could smell her shampoo in it and that seemed to turn him on even more.

Betty ran her hands over his chest until she was touching his shoulders. She looked into his eyes and could see the wanting in them. She kissed him, entwining her fingers in his hair as he kissed her back and pushed her down onto the bed. He hooked his fingers in the waist band of her jogging pants and pulled them off of her legs. He ran his fingers up her legs until he was tracing her lace panties with them. He played with her until he had her squirming on the bed. Betty reached down and opened his jeans. She could feel his hardness against her thigh and when she grasped him, he gasped with the feel of her hand on him. She stroked him gently until he was moaning. He rolled her over until she was on top of him. Betty ground herself onto him, making him groan again. Betty then took the opportunity to remove his jeans along with his shorts.

He pulled her down towards him until he was kissing her again. He flipped over until he was on top of her. He removed her panties as he gently stroked her with his fingers. "Are you ready to give yourself to me body and soul" he said to her in his best Taker voice. "Yes my Dark Lord" Betty replied with half closed eyes. He entered her slowly and stopped. Looking at her through passion filled eyes he asked "Do you really want me to do this?" "Yes" she replied as she wrapped her fingers in his hair, bringing him down to kiss her. He growled softly as he proceeded to penetrate her. He stopped when he felt her tense up. He continued once she had a chance to adjust to him. He went slowly at first and then started to speed up. "Now the Lord of Darkness will give his body and soul to me" she said matching him stroke for stroke. Her words and her actions were more than he could take. The feeling of her taking him in completely, and the slow pace that they were doing it in, was driving him crazy. He growled again and grabbed her by the waist, bringing her up to meet his strokes. She felt herself riding the same wave that he was and soon they were both going over the abyss into darkness. He pulled her close to his body as they both shuddered together and Betty could feel his lips against her neck as he tried to muffle his moans. He pushed into her one last time and then he lay still over her, holding her and letting his hands stroke her body.

After a while he rolled off of her and wrapped her in his arms as he kissed her. "You should have told me" he said. "What and spoil the fun of you finding a virgin to sacrifice after all these years" she replied smiling at him. "I just wish I had known beforehand" he said. "Why? Would that have changed your mind?" she asked. "No" he replied. "I have wanted to be like this with you since high school, but you were one of the most popular girls in school and I know you would never have given me the chance" he replied. "How do you know that? she said "If you are the guy that I am picturing in my mind . . ." With that she got up and went over to her closet, pulling out her high school yearbooks. She had a few from the same school because a lot of her friend had graduated before and after she did.

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