Sunday Night Heat - 1-16-2000
Hardy Art

Jeff Hardy VS Prince Albert ( P.A.)

Jeff Hardy makes his entrance being accompanied by his brother Matt and Terri, Spiritual Sister and Manager.
The match starts off with Jeff semi standing in the corner. Prince Albert looks for a clothesline, Jeff ducks under, twirls P.A. around and gives him several kicks to the mid-section.Jeff looks to irish whip P.A. into the opposite direction, but P.A. reverses, Jeff jumps off the second rope and executes an awesome move (think it's some kind of version of a beefed up moonsault, damn good.)
P.A. is knocked down, Jeff goes for the cover and kick out after two. Jeff attempts to whip the ropes, P.A. reverses, Jeff Jumps and LANDS on the top rope, suspended for a few seconds , executes a back flip onto the canvas and drop kicks P.A. out of the ring. P.A. lands on his feet, turns around and finds Jeff performing the Senton Bomb straight onto him from over the top rope. (Woo hoo).
Jeff extends his arms, smiles (and what a lovely smile it is) , and yells to the crowd. He removes his shirt and begins to choke P.A. with it. Jeff tosses him back into the ring, From the outside, flips over the top rope , and catches P.A. with a sunset slip. P.A. kicks out after two. P.A. executes three kicks to the chest of Jeff while he is down, P.A. whips him off the ropes, and slams full force into him knocking him to the canvas. P.A. drags Jeff to the ropes, positions him head first outside the ring, grabs boths legs and drops backwards, throwing Jeff chest first into the rope. (ouch).
P.A. then picks Jeff up, hold him over his head and benches him four times, and then drops him face first into the mat, Etc. Etc. P.A. performs a couple of more very painful looking moves on Jeff. When it looks like Prince Albert is going to pull and upset, Terri distracts the ref, and Big Bossman starts to make his way down the ramp towards the ring, waving his nightstick. P.A. yells at Bossman to throw it, Bossman does, right over P.A.'s head right into the hands off Jeff who takes full advantage, and uses it to knock P.A. out while Terri is still distracting the ref. Jeff gets the cover and wins the match.

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