Hardy Boyz - Life On The Road 2

Chapter 2

We chunked all our luggage in the back seat, Jeff was literally, shaking his head to stay awake. I reached in my pocket and took the keys out, and unlocked the door. I slipped in, (ouch, my ass really hurts), I reached over and unlocked the door for Jeff, who pratically oozed into his seat locked his door and almost immediately feel asleep. I grinned and chuckled to myself. I thought (If all his little girl fans could see little peaceful Jeff asleep). I turned the key, start the igneinge and started to drive onto the freeway. Now listen to me, it's now 4 a.m., sun is not out, I am driving, half asleep, very little light and trying to read hand written instuctions on how to get a little peace for a few hours. I got frustrated and threw the directions out the window. Fuck it, if I'm going to get there, I might as well get lost by my own accord. I was literally falling a sleep, (Matt, get a hold boy, stay awake).

I spotted an exit close, took it and drove in the Exxon station. I pushed Jeff. "Hey man , I'm going inside to get some water, want anything?" He rubbed his eyes and stretched. "Nah, I'll go with you." We got down locked it up and cruised inside. Jeff asked the clerk were the men's restroom was and headed there like a bat out of hell. I walked looking around and headed to the back to the drinks. I saw two young ladies, one tall with logn curly hair and the other short with black hair. The shorter girl was wearing a long black sun dress. They looked like odd couple I laughed to myself. They were standing near the sports drinks section, I opened up the door and grabbed a water. Then Jeff came from behind me , put his hands on his hips and started looking with great intensity for a drink. Which made me laugh outloud. "Hey Kitty, check it out, " Angel pointed over to wear Jeff and Matt were standing. "Nice." Jeff and Matt were wearing black jeans and grey t- shirts.

The girl with the black hair headed to the restrooms and the other stood there, arms crossed looking at the sports drinks. Man, I swear, at the very same time, both her and Jeff reached for the same door. Angel also wearing black jeans and a black tank body suit. Jeff smiled and said, "Go ahead." She smiled, opened the door and reached for an ice tea. "Could you toss one fo those bad boy's this way?" Jeff asked. "Sure thing." She answered. He reached down, picked up one and handed it to Jeff. Either Jeff was looking at her tattoo or how big her arm was. To this day I'll never know. I stood there, water in hand and preceded to watch. "I dig that tat you got." Jeff said. "Thanks." responded the girl. "Name's Jeff, " He extended his hand to gesture a handshake, she extended hers and they shook. (Nice grip) thought Jeff. "Angel over here, nice to meet you Jeff." The girl with the black hair came back and said, "I don't want anything, let go." She looked at Jeff and I, I guess either she was afraid of our apperance, or she was in shock. She headed to the front and waited for Angel. "Guess that's my cue, nice to meet you, and you are?" She pointed to me and I said, 'My bad, name's Matt." She waved and headed to the front. Both her and the girl were checking out magazines, Jeff and I out our beverages on the counter and the clerk rang it up. "That'll be two-ten." The clerk said. I reached in my back pocket and found two dollars. I asked Jeff is he had change, he shook his head no. He jumped and turned around, Angel had poked him and handed him a dime, he smiled and handed me the dime.

I paid and we thanked Angel and walked outside. I unlocked the car and we hopped inside. I looked at Jeff and said. "We are lost, real lost." I placed both my arms on the steering wheel and layed my head down. "Hey, let me ask those girls here they come." I lifted my head and look over. He opened the door and yelled at them. Angel turned around and raised her eyebrow, they walked over." Hey thanks for the change, we were wondering if you could give us directions to a hotel, the Marriott? "They both looked at each other and laughed. "We sure do, "Angel said, "right over there." She pointed to the right of us and Jeff began laughing hestercially. "Could you give us a lift, we're staying there also." I nodded my head, "Sure get in." Jeff opened the door, and Angel was about to step in, Jeff stopped her, he shoved out bag the they other side to give room. With all our luggage he suggested that the smaller girl sit in front with Matt. "Her name's Kitty, silly boys." Kitty smiled and sat in the front passenger seat. Jeff closed the door.

"So does this mean I'm walking Jeff?" Angel laughed. "No, you could sit on my lap, or I could sit on yours." Angel laughed again, " Okay, you sit on my lap then." She hopped inside and Jeff inched his way in, careful not to hurt her. Matt and Kitty laughed, and they drove off. Jeff was doing his 'gay' rountine and cracking jokes. Angel had a few of her own "dirty jokes" Matt turned turned on the radio as they drove up into the hotel parking lot. Matt turned off the engine and they opened the door. Kitty got out and turned to open the door for Jeff and Angel, and witnessed the first kiss. For Kitty this was hilareous. Seeing a man sit on Angel's lap, you just had to see it. They both turned at looked at Kitty as she opend the door. Jeff had the biggest grin and Angel laughed. Jeff got out and helped Angel out after him Kitty was fixing her dress and Matt opened the back door from the other side and started taking their luggage out. Jeff grabbed his bags and sprinted over to Angel and Kitty as they began walking into the lobby. I shook my head with a smile, locked up and preceded to follow suit.

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