Hardy Boyz - Life On The Road Part 3

Chapter 3 "Angel, did I just see what I thought I saw" Kitty whispered as Angel put her arm on Kitty shoulder. Angel just smiled and said, "Yeah, he's a good kisser, and no tongue." Jeff came up behind both of them and yelled "Adrian!" Kitty nearly crapped in her pants and swatted Jeff. Angel didn't jump, but laughed at how funny Kitty looked. Jeff adjusted his bag on his shoulder and glanced at Angel, and she back at him. They all stopped and waited for Matt. Matt hurried along, ( kinda nippy here.) he thought. Of course he didn't have to say it out loud for Kitty and Angel to notice.

Jeff opened the glass doors for all of them and walked in after them. "Jeff, I'll check in" Matt said from the help desk. Kitty told Angel she was going to the room to grab a sweater. Angel nodded and sat on the leather couch that the lobby had. Jeff glanced around and spotted her sitting down. He walked over and set his bag down next to the coffee table. He plopped down and literally sank into the couch. "Wow, too comfortable." Jeff grinned and took off his baseball cap. Angel smiled and said, "I think I'm stuck." She to wiggle up in jest. If there is a thing called chemistry , between these two there was just an explosion in the lab. Jeff grabbed her hand and blurted out, "You've got the most incredible hands. They look like artist hands." She smiled, "Thank you." He held her hand for a long time and she finally squeezed it. He let it go, "No no!" said Angel, "It's okay, your hands are warm anyway." He grinned and held her hand again. Matt looked over as the clerk was typing in information, (Whoa...I think little Jeff is nervous), Matt thought. Angel raised her other hand and traced her fingers along his facial hair. They both laughed at the situation, if felt akward, but comfortably familair. Kitty finally found her way back down the the lobby, by that time Jeff Matt and Angel were heading upstairs. Kitty looked around, feeling abanded. (You know I love you grrl!)

She shruged and headed to the vending machines. She thought to herself that maybe she should have gotten something at the store. "Kitty!" A voice rang behind her, she turned around. "Cenny!" Cen ran up and hugged Kitty. "Hey finally found you, what's wrong?" Kitty just hang a huge grin on her face, "The Hardy Boyz are in this hotel." Cen smiled "I know I was supposed to meet Mr. Snow here, I can't wait, he is the sweetest guy." They both walked over and sank into the couch. (The land of no return). They chatted for awhile and saw Al Snow walked in with a duffle bag in one hand head in the other. Cenny managed to free herself from the clutches of death, and stumble over to Al her caught her. She looked up and smiled. "Started the party without me I see." A huge grin covered his face. Matt and Jeff set their bags in their hotel room and preceded to accompany Angel downstairs for some food. Matt walked behind Jeff and Angel a few steps and saw them holding hands. (geez) Matt thought. They kept whispering and laughing like teenagers. "Grow up you too." Matt poked. Jeff stopped and let go of Angel's hand, he then preceded to put his big brother in a head lock as they headed downstairs.

Kitty sat there on the couch, watching Al check in at the desk while Cen had her arms wrapped around his waist from the back. She sighed. Then from behind someone covered her eyes, "Let's eat." It was Angel, she turned around on the couch and glanced up, yup Jeff and Matt were with her. There was a Denny's right next door, after rescuing Kitty from the couch they said a hello to Al and headed off to eat.

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