Hardy Boyz - Life On The Road Part 5

Chapter 5

As they entered the back to the locker rooms, Margaret was walking in the opposite direction holding two bottles of water. She looked in great shape, since after the attack. She passed one door, and as she did, Mark walked out, dressed in a black wwf button up shirt, black jeans, boots and a bandana. He reached out behind her, and, and gently wrapped one arm around her. He lowered his lips to her shoulder and gently kissed it. Jeff tapped Angel's shoulder and pointed over to the two love birds. Angel's jawed dropped and she ran screaming in their direction.

Mark looked up, lips still locked on her Margaret's shoulder. Mark stepped back and Angel gave Margaret a huge hug. "My, God, your looking great! How are you feeling? Angel inquired as she held both of Margaret's arms out, and looked at her head to toe. "Absolutely fantastic, I see your doing good."

She tilted her head to the side and nodded in Jeff's direction. He was standing with his hands on his hips, talking to Christian.

Mark came around Margaret and put his massive arm around Angel and craned his neck down and whispered into Angel's ear. "Jeff's a great guy, shy, but I think you'd make a perfect couple I bet." Angel could only smile.

Margaret swatted Mark on the arm and said, "Don't scare her off Big Guy, come on, I still need to Hannah and Gilda." Angel hugged them both and told them she'd see them later.

Jeff was still talking with Christian he he glanced over and saw Angel walking toward them. (She is beautiful), her slightly hourglass figure was sturdy, her long curly hair flowed behind her fluidly. And her hazel green eyes were hypnotizing.

"Jeff." Christian snapped his fingers in front of Jeff's face. He snapped back into reality.

"Sorry Bro." He grinned. Kyraini came from behind Christian and kissed him on the cheek.

"She's real pretty Jeff, hope she has personality to match. Christian put his arm around Kyraini and smiled.

Jeff answered, "She does, every little cheesy line just about does it for me. She has a strange sense of humor."

Christian laughed. "Yup, guess you would make the strangest couple I know then."

Angel walked up and stood next to Jeff, he held her hand and introduced her to Christian. They all stood and talked, then each went to their locker rooms.

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