Hardy Boyz - Life On The Road Part 6

Chapter 6

Jeff sat at one of the tables in the locker room writing down his thoughts. He does this every so often, it helps to relieve tension. Angel came in holding a bottle of water, she walked over and sat it next to Jeff at the table. He looked up and smiled at her.

"Thanks sweet." He opened the bottle took a huge drink, then sat it down next to him. He pulled out a chair next to him and she sat down. "Whatcha writing there?" Angel inquired as she slightly leaned over to glance at Jeff's paper. He moved it toward her for her to get a better look.

"Just my thoughts, helps me stay real." She moved it back to it former position and replied. "It beautiful Jeff, I can completely relate." Jeff and Angel locked eyes and laughed.

"Wow cheese city, sorry, " Angel crossed her arms and leaned back in her seat. He adjusted his seat and leaned over in her direction. "Hello no, it's true, I do like cheese" They laughed again.

One of the backstage WWF employee's came in and told Jeff show time was in twenty minutes. Angel stood up and adjusted her shirt, she stepped behind the chair and pushed it in. " I should go, to let you get ready." Jeff stood up quickly and picked her up." Hey!" He walked out of the locker room and down the hall where Margaret, Cenny, Betty and Middi were sitting. He set Angel down and said in his forever boyish voice, "Keep her out of trouble "Moms". Angel kissed Jeff on the cheek and told him not to break his neck.

Cenny pulled out a chair and Angel sat down. Betty offered Angel a espresso, and she accepted. After a few minutes of pleasant conversation, Margaret suggested that they go over near the rear entrance to watch the next match. Tonight the Hardy Boyz, Edge, Christian, were going against the Headbangers and The Dudley Boys. The ladies stood by the wall and watched the teams make their entrance. Edge trotted by the women....he then took a few steps backwards, and with a huge grin, kissed Betty.

He waved as he left and the ladies laughed and giggled, Betty blushed. Following close behind was Matt and Jeff, they wore their typical black cargo jeans, But Matt wore a black tattoo tee and Jeff and white one. Matt stopped right in front of the curtain and stretched/ Kitty walked up behind the women and wiggled in the middle. Matt stood up and twisted side to side to warm up. He glanced over toward the small band of women and smiled slightly when he spotted Kitty. She too blushed and fixed her hair. Jeff hopped over toward Angel and kissed her on the forehead. Their theme music started and they headed out. Already Edge, Christian and the Headbanger's started their brawl.

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