Hardy Boyz - Life On The Road Part 7

Chapter 7

We ran out only to be met by the Dudley's. Damnit, watch the forearm. I glanced over quickly, and saw Matt take down Devon. I fell back full force on the hard metal ramp. Shit. I lay there for a few seconds and hopped back up, I reached back and felt the back on the head. Not bleeding. By this time, Matt was down ringside being double teamed.

I ran down and slide into the ring, pushed myself off the opposite ropes and baseball slide over the bottom rope right into Bubba Ray. Matt shook his head and grabbed Devon, I grabbed a hold on the ropes and flipped onto the apron, only to find Mosh heading straight toward me, full force. I grabbed and again flipped over the top rope, bounced back in the ring, and as he turned around to face me, I clothes lined him out over the top rope. Now by this time, Christian had already launched himself off the opposite side and was heading towards me. I ran towards him and executed a leap frog. He caught himself on the ropes and spotted Mosh staggering up the ramp, stepped up on the nearest turnbuckle, went airborn, and landed straight on Mosh.

"Jeff, over here!" I heard a voice yell from behind me.

Edge had Thrasher in the corner and was pounding on him, I ran and grabbed on of Thrasher's arms, Edge grabbed the other. I whipped him off the top ropes, landed on my stomach and Edge caught him with a Spear. I stood up, breathing hard and sweating, I yelled at Edge to gain his attention and pointed to the middle of the ring.

Meanwhile backstage, the ladies all gathered around the t.v set to get a better view of the match. Betty was clapping widely as she watched Edge spear Thrasher, the ladies all cheered. Then Angel spotted Jeff pointing and knew what was about to happen, she said.

"Grrls, hush watch this" She spread her arms to direct their attention to the screen.

I hopped over and up on the nearest turnbuckle, Edge dragged and positioned Thrasher in the middle of the apron, I stood up, and displayed my double gun sign, in an instant, I saw the crowd in slow motion, the thousands of screaming fans, yelling my name. It felt real good, gives you a few sense of purpose. Anyway, going off (smirk). I heard from the announcers table good ol' JR say,

"Folks and it looks like it's over, Jeff Hardy is about to finish this match with a Senton Bomb it looks like."

I executed the Senton Bomb and landed on Thrasher's chest, I went straight for the cover, The referee counted,

"One....Two.., " br>

Needless to say, he never go to three, the Bubba Ray, grabbed my leg and pulled me out of the ring.

Damnit, the fighting went on for several minutes. Not before it was over, Matt and I left the Dudley's hurt. Which in my book, is a plus, those guys are tough.

We limped backstage, and arrived with a standing ovation from the ladies. I was breathing pretty hard, and must have smelled terrible, but funny thing Angel came right up to me, and put my arm around her neck. She hugged me and helped me back to the locker room. Kitty wasn't far behind helping Matt back also.

We arrived in the locker room and I slumped into a folding chair. I leaned over and draped myself over my knees. I stayed that way for a long time, collecting myself, until I felt a gentle hand on my knee. I looked up, my wet hair, covering some of my face, and saw that Angelic face, ironic, isn't it? (grin).

She handed me a bottle of water and smiled. I smiled and accepted the water, I took a drink and set it down next to me. I looked at her again, what was happening? I felt like I needed to be close to her, just to see her look at me and smile, those emerald eyes of green that keep me at bay.

I grabbed her face in my hands and kissed her on the lips. Mind you, it probably wasn't the most romantic places in the world, but something inside me, it felt right. She took my face in her hands, soft and delicate, yet so strong, and returned my kiss with her very own, passionate kiss.

"You guys are pathetic, " a voice laughed. It was Matt and Kitty.

I thought to myself, we might be, but one thing I know is that I've never been happier.

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