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"Untitled" Poem By Jodie

We're always going to understand,
The path they choose to take,
We'll always watch in anticipation,
At whatever move they make,
It doesn't matter to any of us,
whatever they choose to be,
Be it Senton Bombs from cages,
Or a double arm DDT,
They don't need to kill themselves,
to get a cheer from all of us,
They never need to risk anything,
That analogy is too un-just!
Though they always should remember,
that we'll love them all the same,
And that they shouldn't put themselves through
any unessential pain,
Every night we cross our fingers and hope everythings okay,
Because,Jeff and Matt we love you, and we want you both to STAY!!

"The Road" Poem By Angel

Walking down the road of my life.
I have seen my failures and mistakes.
Not yet have I seen my triumphs and victories,
My life, would you want me to take.
Put me out of this misery.
For this road has been long and harsh.
Would I regret my decision.
Will I take of this mask of disgrace?
For all through his life,
I have heard all of the disappointments,
All of my own pathetic flaws.
Who are you to judge my life as it is?
You are you to judge me as wrong?
And as I walk down the road of my life,
I come upon the only thing good.
The only thing that has made me happy.
The only thing that could.
It is you my soul-mate, my life, a fire!
It now changes.
Where the road should have ended, has now
extended over the horizon and into endless possibilities.
I have found understanding.
My life is now complete.

"The Hardy Boyz" Poem By Jodie

Dare devil moves and deathwish flights
Inhabit our sceens on Monday nights.
Senton Bombs and 450 Splashes,
In ring bouts and Ladder matches.
Flying and Gliding through the air,
Trademarked by Jeff's rainbow hair,
Taking knocks and making lunges,
Taking blows and throwing punches.
Managed once by Michael Hayes,
Who set them on for winning ways,
Though Hayes' presence soon came old,
When the Hardyz failed to keep the gold.
Though back on track they'll soon discover,
That all they really needs each other,
Stay as they are and stay together,
Then the era of the Hardyz will last forever........

Once Upon a time.........Poem By Jodie

Once upon a time,
A long time ago,
I made a promise to myself,
That i'd never let go.
I'd hold onto my dreams,
clutch tight to my goals,
make sure my ambitions...Never,
Crease, Strain or Fold
Sometimes I find myself,
Late....late at night,
Rolling over to click on the light.
Wondering what future is headed my way,
Wondering if I'll ever meet Jeff Hardy someday.
It'll surely come true,
It's destiny,
Because he and I were meant to be.
Once upon a time, A long time ago,
I made myself a promise.....And I'll never let go!!!

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