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"Behind the scenes" Poem By Jodie

Boom! Fireworks shine bright and light the sky,
Fix up steel cells over 25 feet high.
Tie tight the ring ropes,
and decorate the stage,
Or harness up the harnesses...
Bring down the steel cage!
Tidy up the ramp way,
Set up the safty rails,
Stars and crew work madly,
While promoters rack up sales.
Show time soon upon them,
Fans flood in and take their seats,
Sit down and get prepared,
To see a feast of wrestling treats.
Show time is soon over,
and the ring gets taken down,
Carted into the moving truck, then taken over town.
Show time once again, Different time, Different places,
Though entertaining now new people,
Different names and different faces.
Though they'll return once again,
They'll perform another night,
Supply us with everlasting showdowns,
Bell to Bell...... and Fight to Fight.

"Could be...And is..." Poem By Jodie

Beauty can be ominous,
And darkness can be light,
The World can be a bear trap,
And blind transferred to sight.
Evil can be goodness,
And malign can be bliss,
Embracing could be joyless,
like a dismal sombre kiss.
Love can be most hated,
and the hated could be loved,
Unwanted things are welcomed,
and the wanted things just shoved!
The needed things not asked for,
and the needless things requested,
The untruths told by everyone,
Though the truth remains sequestered..........

"Two Neros" Poem By Crystal Method

Emperor of Rome
At such a young age
Held back by officials
Til his light finally shone
In the burning of the city
And the brilliance of
His rebuilding
At such a young age
Held back by associates
Til his light finally shone
In the blaze of his talents
And the pure glory of
His rising.

"He is........" Poem By Jodie

He is........................ He's the only true example of perfection, The only unblemished man, Lustrous gorgeous green sparkling eyes, And that warm bronzed American tan. He's the only personification of virtue, The only exemplary male, My Knight in shining bright armour, The remedy whatever my ail. He's the only true example of beauty, The one unadulterated soul, The one and only unfeigned person, The one who stands out from them all. He's the only true man on this planet, Or at least he is in my eyes, The most captivating soul in this universe, The angel that needs no disguise...............

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