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(The following are e-mail and various responses about the interview. I personally am not biased to either side, I am doing an interview plain and simple. Some are good and bad , in either case I don't care, rant or praise away.)

From: -----------
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 18:59:51 +0100
I'd just like to say "thankyou" for your interview with Katya. I'm not her #1 fan, and wouldn't ever pretend to be, but, she didn't deserve what she got from the fans (particularly the Hardy Boyz ones :) ) I think that explained a lot to the fans - a lot which they wanted/needed to know; after all - it's better that it's out in the open, if you ask me, and I think the fans appreciated it; and knowing the story "straight from the horse's mouth" so to speak, lol!
Well, that's all I have to say, lol! Nice work, btw :) lol!
(thanks hun, first time interview)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This message was posted by BaByGiRlBLAZE666, posted on July 19, 2000 at 13:16:21
That interview sounded odd to me!! I don't know why but I had ALOT of respect and appreciation towards Katya and her sites I think that she could have been a little nicer towards Amy and the Boyz and I can totally agree with her on the threats and shit I would have done the same but still she could have been more considerate towards the people who did appreciate the site and everything she did and how hard she worked!!!!! To me she is just a person who acts like the world revolves around her now!!!

(Well I just asked the questions, I didn't put a gun to her head, guess we'll just have to wait and see the Boyz side)

OH ok well if you could please tell her that I said I am terribly sorry for all the trouble people have been causing her. Noone deserves what she is going through. I wish I could help her in any way, and please let her know that if she needs ANYTHING please don't hesitate to ask me!! Also if you could give her my email address so she knows. Thanks soo much. .
(If she reads this she appreciates it)

This message was posted by Poet, posted on July 19, 2000 at 01:47:50
lol I mean that was a joke right?? The was such a biased thing. It was so obvious you were on her side, she would say anything and you would swear to it. I'm sorry but I don't believe a word that comes out of her mouth and I hope somebody actually manages to ask Matt or Amy or Shannon what really happened to their websites because somehow I feel what they say will be more truthful. Shannon's already said she's crazy. And I'm sure Amy won't say "Well just out of the blue I went nuts and Katya decided she didn't want to run it anymore" Also Why didn't you address the fact that she was constantly a major bitch to any Hardy fan that didn't have their nose up her ass? And why she though she was a superstar because she sat her ass at a computer and typed codes for Matt and Jeff.
(You don't know me well enough to assume anything you cock, I don't take any sides, think about it, the majority of people want to hear from Matt himself not Katya, and there's no way for me to ask Matt, I'd like to get both sides, other than that, don't assume you know what they say about it your looking like an ass)

Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 18:45:53 -0700 From: "Mark Stanley" To: Subject: RE: First Exclusive Webmistress Katya Interview
wow that is so freaky,, i know exactly what katya is goin thru as i am going thru the same thing. i had someone threatenin to kill me and my best friend thru email. the case is with the police now. mabey you could tell katya if she needs to talk that i know what she is going thru and that i feel so so so sorry for her cause i am havin the same thing happen to me.......... Thanks for sending me that... that is so freaky cause i thought that it was me and ash(my best friend) only gettin threatenin emails and such like that. wow . it proves that there are some really obsesed freaky people out there!!! tell katya that i feel sorry for her.... hopefully u can pass on my message and i will talk to you later,,
laterz, mark stanley webmaster
(yup people get kicks off of this kind of harrasment. Who knows, Mayb Tom Green haunt their dreams.)

From:--------- Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 21:57:29 EDT Subject: Katya Interview To:
Hi Angel.
I just wanted to thank you for doing the interview with Katya. There have been so many rumors flying around and everyone thinks that they know what happened...even though most of them heard their version somewhere in cyberspace. Thanks for clearing it up and I hope that the Hardy site gets up and running by someone soon.
Also, do you have a mailing list that I could join? I got the interview through someone else that had received it but I'd like to get your stuff firsthand
Thanks again! Sarah
(nope no mailing list. This was only one side, and with this, it might raise more questions. We'll see)

From:----------- Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 00:33:16 EDT Subject: The Kat Interview... To:
I just wanted to say that I read the interveiw...and I was literally disgusted with what this person is doing to Kat...I never really got to talk to her but I thinks she seems really nice...I just hope they find this person, b/c she needs to be stopped....
(Your right, they are sure some sick fuckers out there, and I won't name names.)

From: ---------- Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 02:19:50 EDT Subject: Katya Interview To:
First off, how can Amy, in her busy schedule, instant message Katya at 4 o'clock in the morning? I think that it might have been probable that it was an angry Amy fan that just wanted Amy's site updated for once! If Amy did IM Katya that early in the morning, I very much applaude Amy for doing so. That just goes to show that Amy is not going to take crap from anyone, especially when her fans have been inquiring her about her site so much. And did Katya have to emphasize about her "boyfriend" so much so that we can believe that she's not obsessed with Matt Hardy. I'd feel sorry for her if any of these were true but sorry hun, I get these extremely weird hunches, and right now they're telling me that she's lying!
And by the way, I think she went overboard with this webmistressing thing. She brought all this mess to herself because she wanted to be "webmistress numero uno" or something 'cause why the hell would she want to be the site maintainer for so much sites? Didn't webmistressing for one site already scrunched up her schedule? She's trying too hard to please somebody.
kristina ( ^.^ )y (How the fuck should I know what Amy is doing up so late. If I do recall, Matt would find himself up at 3 a.m. on the internet, think about it, the only time they have. And I think if Katya has a boyfriend and does mention him, don't think it's because she is trying to hide something. She is over Matt, what do you wish there was something there? I don't think you possess the force quite as strong as I young apprentice, you have much to learn. Sith Mistress Odious.)

Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 17:05:09 EDT
Subject: Katya's interview
Hi, I would just like to say I appreciate everything that Katya has done. She deserves credit not people bullshitting about her. If it wasn't for her we wouldn't have, in my opinion, grown to love Matt, Jeff and the others like we all have. She helped them a great deal and the fans also. She deserves all the credit she can get. She seems to be a really great girl that got screwed around by people she thought she could trust. I hope the person/people whom are responsible for this understand what a great loss it is for the fans and I hope all the wrestlers, etc. she helped put out there. Katya THANK YOU. I visited the Hardy Boyz site regally and always enjoyed my time there {even if there were no updates *lol*}. I hope someone's ass gets seriously kicked for all they have done to you and wish you all the best whatever you do in the future. Katya, I always appreciate your hard work and ass busting. If they ever get the person/people who did this to you give them one great big kick in the balls {or another area} for me hun!! Sam Belt AMI: Samhhh125

(I'm sure if she could, she would)
From: "Anna Sneddon"
Subject: I just...
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 14:10:39 PDT
Hey, I just read your interview with Katya....OMG, I can not beleive the whole situation was this deep.
Please send this message to Kat next time you write her:
Hey Kat, I just found out about everything that has happened to you...this is so HORRIBLE!!! I can not beleive thas happened to you. I just want to say that although I have only been a Hardy Boyz fan since they came to my home town Vancouver om May 29...your site was amazing for those 15 days I visited it...and your effort was even more astounding.
Best of Luck, you deserve it.
PS: Soon I will be putting together a KATYA APPRICIATION BOARD on my Hardy Boyz News website ( as soon as possible, and as soon as I can find out how to spell 'appretiation' (LOL). I hope you will visit it someday but I can try to understand why you wouldn't want to.
And to you, Angel (odious)...I really like your site, those designes are awesome! If you ever want news for your site, I ussually update more than once a day, so please come by!
Bye -Anna
( Thanks, now I do recall someone telling me my graphics sucked? You know who you are, and I say to you, you literally blow :)

Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2000 23:49:03 -0400
From: "heather"
Subject: Kat interview
Organization: ChickMail (
First off I just want to make it very clear that I really don't like Kat. I had a couple e-mail run ins with her and quite frankly I thought she was a condesending bitch,But for her to be going through what she is going through is just plan wrong. I wouldn't wish half the shit she has gone through on my worst enemy. I do feel for her and I hope she gets through this by being the strong person she is.
Personally I really don't know how to place blame on The Hardy's site being closed because I haven't heard the whole story and I am not going to pass judgement on anyone without hearing all Matt, Jeff, Amy and Shannons side of things. I do feel she may have put way too much pressure on herself trying to run 5 sites at once. And I have heard elsewhere that she may have brought all the hostility towards her on herself also? If her intention was to make a name for herself.....Well congrats to her she did it. Of course her five minutes of fame is almost up. If infact the Hardys reopen their official site with a new webmistress maybe they should tell her to try to stay as incognito as possible. Meaning don't have your own gallery of pictures on a site that is designed for the benifit of fans of the Hardys Boys. By no means am I judgeing what she did thats her business and she chose to do it.
BTW I thought you did a good job and yes you may have agreed with her but hey who wants a bitch fest right....LOL!!! You asked all the right questions. I heard this was your first "official" interview....GOOD JOB.
--- Heather
"The Worlds Most Dangerous Abs"
( Thanks, seems you put thought into it, good, I like people with a brain. Again, I don't know both sides, IF I could I would like to, that's my last word)

From: "Kelly Driscoll"
Subject: Katya interview
Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2000 01:01:51 EDT
i just wanted to thank you for the interview with Katya and send my greatest thanks to her for her work on the Hardy Boyz website. I never got to see any other of her websites, but I always enjoyed that particular one. I think it is terribly unfortunate that things happened the way they did for her, and I hope that she is able to get things resolved with the person who has been harrassing her. My best wishes go out to her and again, I send my gratitude to her for her fantastic work. I don't understand the people who have bad mouthed her and constantly berated her. I mean really, c'mon people, don't you have better things to do than dwell on a website? If at all possible, could you please forward this to her, or publish it with the emails regarding the interview. Again, thank you for clearing things up and my best wishes to Katya.
Sincerely, Kelly Driscoll
( I don't think I cleared anything up, but thanks)


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